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In addition to the learning and development provided by the nursery staff

we also offer the children a variety of additional activities both on-site and through

a variety of trips.

Three Cute Kids
stretch and grow

Stretch-n-Grow provide a fun, action-packed fitness class where children learn strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and how healthy foods fuel their bodies.

The children develop focus and gain self-control from physical activity that will help with school and sports readiness and skyrocket them to their next milestone… all while having FUN!


As part of their learning journey a visit to the farm helps the children to understand about animal welfare and where there food comes from, like milk!

cows being milked
tom the music man


Tom has been a regular visitor to the nursery providing the children to opportunity to sing along and play basic instruments. By singing nursery rhymes children can identify sound patterns and learn through repetition. In addition to that, music also helps children anticipate what is coming next in a poem or a song and they know how to put these patterns in a sequence. By mastering these skills, children build the base of literacy and numeracy.  Music encourages children’s inclination to move, developing their fine motor skills and gross motor skills  which helps with their muscle development, strength and balance.  

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